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Thats Cool

That’s what I thought to myself last weekend when I took a photo during player intros at the Granite City Lumberjacks game last weekend. I was messing around trying something different and I saw something on the back of my camera that I thought was kinda cool. As the lights went down for player intros I figured I would try something different. It is always hard to get any sort of photos when the lights are that low anyways so I let the shutter drag while I followed the skater on the ice. It didn’t really turn out but it gave me an idea to try a shot like that when the lights came back on.

Panning to get Hunter in focus but the background has movement.

Instead of going to my usual spot and using my usual settings I stayed where I was, in front of the stands and tried out a few shots with longer shutter speeds than I would usually use to freeze the action on the ice. I panned with the skaters back and forth as they when up and down the ice. Not very many of the shots turned out but every once in a while I would get one that looked really cool. I liked it because it was different than the usual game shots. I have taken thousands of shots in that arena and it was fun to try something different.

It was neat to look down and see a photo that I had never taken before. My success rate was not very good but it was challenging and fun to try and get the photos to turn out. I enjoyed shooting that game more than any other this season and it was because I tried something different.

Look how fast that zamboni is going!

Here a few more of the panning shots that I liked from the game. I have taken photos like this before but it was of cars going around a race track. Hockey is such a fast game it is cool to be able to show that a little in the photos. If nothing else it was fun to shoot in a different style that I always do when shooting the Lumberjacks games.