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Vehicle Photography

Many people love their vehicles and spend time and money fixing them up so that they look great. Weather it’s a car, truck, bike, boat or other fun toys it’s fun to shine them up and show them off. The thing about many of these vehicles are that they are ┬áseasonal and they end up covered up or in storage for part of the year. Even if they do not wouldn’t be awesome to have a great photo of the vehicle to hang on the office wall or have a poster size print made for the garage! This is a great time of year to consider having this done because soon many of these vehicles will be put away for a long winters nap. There are many different types of photos that you might want to consider having taken of you vehicle and then getting a print made before you put it to rest of the winter. Here are some of the types of vehicle photos that I have taken and offer as options to customers.

The first and probably the most common to do would be a location shoot. You might have a favorite summer spot or destination that you might want to have a photo of your hotrod taken in. It might a photo with the lake in the background or as simple as going to your favorite local park or cruising spot to get a photo. The tough part a shoot like this is finding a spot that does not have distracting, busy items in the background that can detract from the car that you are photographing. Some of that can be taken care of in post processing if needed.

Another option is to do a studio shoot. This can be very expensive because both the equipment used and the studio itself are costs that you have to factor into the shoot. It is also very difficult as a photographer to photograph a car in a studio because you have to light it and cars have a tendency to be very shiny and act like a giant mirror. I have some tricks that I have learned and developed that can help make this type of a photo, that would ordinarily costs thousands of dollars, obtainable to the enthusiast that would like a studio photo of their car.

Some people have large beautiful shops or garages that are home for their cars and would like to have a photo of the car in the garage. This is similar to a studio shot except that the environment that the car is in is photographed as well.

The last option that may be considered is a composite, that is taking a picture of the vehicle and placing it into a different background. This might be a good option if you don’t have a good location to take a photo at or maybe you would like a photo of the car in a location but it is not feasible to get the car to that location. This is fun because there are so many options that can be considered for a location. It does require photos of both the car and the background to be taken and then additional post processing in order to composite those photos together but the end result are pretty cool.

If you are going to take some photos of your vehicle I have a few tips for you that will help you get better photos.

  1. If you can choose a time of day that will show your car in the best light. Many times this will be early in the morning when the sun is coming up or later in the evening when the sun is going down.
  2. Get low, cars just look cool when shot at a low angle.
  3. Watch what is in the background or directly behind your car. It can be distracting to have a power poles, buildings or trees behind the cars that you are photographing.

If you would like me to photograph your vehicle get a hold of me and we can talk about what type of photo you would like and where you want the photo taken and I will give you a quote. Call, text or email: or 320-290-3341.